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Welcome to the only website completely dedicated to the frightening, scary and completely unavoidable Scary Pop Ups! Here we have gathered a collection of the Best and Scariest Scary Pop Ups for your pleasure..Or displeasure. We add to our Scary Pop Ups Videos regularly as we find the newest and truly Scary Pop Ups around.

Scary Pop Ups are not meant to be viewed by people who may have a heart condition or by those who are easily scared by sudden, loud noises or scary images. Use caution when viewing or sharing our pop up videos. Have fun and be sure to contact us if you know of any awesome scary popups that should be included in our videos collection.

Something Is Wrong With This Picture

There's something wrong with this picture. The original owner was always haunted by a feeling that there was something rather strange about it. Can you see what is wrong with this picture?

Scary Little Kitten

Watch this seemingly cute kitten. Get lost in it's cuteness. Sometimes things can be so cute..That it's scary.

This simple yet effective pop up has gained over one million views on youtube. Watch and enjoy!

Hidden Messages In Burger King Logo - Scary!

Look closely for the subliminal messages contained within the Burger King logo that was recently discovered.

Scary Pop Up Games: Hit The Dot

Here is another one of the great Scary Games online..Can you Hit The Dot? This scary pop up game takes coordination, slight of hand and sometimes nerves of steel to complete. Enjoy "Hit The Dot" and be sure to comment and let us know how you did.

The Scary Maze Game | Play Now!

You asked for it..The one and only..Scary Maze Game! This game is a viral sensation and has been the cause of many seemingly normal people to swat at things that arent there, fall out of their chairs and scream like girls. (no offense to girls) The Scary Maze Game never gets old and will probably never lose popularity. So what are you waiting for? Play the Scary Maze Game now! Click the arrow above to get started.

Huge Scary Snake!

This video is of a huge snake caught on film in a Florida neighborhood. Scary!

Scary Red Dot Game

The Scary Red Dot Game is a great game that we found at The rules are simple. Find the red dot to advance. Looks easy? Give it a try.

Terrifying Footage Of Michael Jacksons Ghost!

This video contains CNN news footage that was filmed at Neverland ranch after MJ had died. It was widely viewed because of the image of a ghost that appeared during the news story. Paranorml investigators enhanced the sound footgae and were able to make out distinct sounds that were not present at the time of filming.

This Scary Pop Up is very well done, using real footage and an already popular video. The background story id very convincing and if you turn up the volume as instructed..You are in for a surprise. I'll admit it..This one got me. Enjoy this truly well done Scary Pop Up!

Spooky Golf Commercial

This is yet another commercial that managed to capture a ghost on film. The creators of this popular commercial did not see anything out of the ordinary until filming was through.

A professionally done Scary Pop Up that served as a beer commercial outside of the united states. Probably a good thing considering the emotional damage that would have been done to our youth as they accidentally saw this Scary Commercial