How to Make A Scary Pop Up

Ever wanted to make your very own Scary Pop Ups or Scary Pop Up Video? On this page we will give you tips and list anything you might need for your Scary Pop Ups project.

Making Scary Pop Ups is much easier that one might expect. All you really need is a basic movie editing program like Windows movie maker to get started. This is standard on the majority of computers. Then you need to choose what kind of Scary Pop Up you want to make and gather your images, music etc.
Most of the scariest pop ups consist of nothing but a couple of images, paired with music and finally a loud blood curdling sound effect. Images and sound effects are freely available on the internet. Just be careful not to violate any copyrights.

The biggest and most difficult part of how to make a scary pop up is creating your back story and mastering the element of surprise. Create a convincing tale to go along with your pop up video is one of the most important things that you can do. Check out the MJ Ghost Pop Up for a good example of how to "reel" your audience in.

Capture you your audiences attention. Creating scenarios in which the viewer has to focus or listen closely are always effective. Do not blatantly ask the viewer to turn up the volume.

Do not destroy your element of surprise by giving your video a title like "Scary Pop Up"

Practice timing. After your audience is watching for the ghost or listening closely for the mysterious sound you can strike at anytime. Just make sure that they have had time to let their defenses down and are truly focusing.

Make sure that your final and frightening image is timed just right with the sound that accompanies it. Even a fraction of a second off can ruin a scary pop up's effectiveness. You may have to practice.

Try to be different. Scary Pop Ups are not new and people are on the lookout for them. Use something that nobody would expect. The Care Bears Scary Pop Up is a good example of this and can be seen here on our site.

Be careful who you scare with your new pop ups. People with heart conditions or children who are easily frightened should not be viewing these types of videos.